A weekly veggie box subscription for you and your family!

Pickup available from the farm (Tsawwassen) or Farmer's Market (Fort Langley)

First box will be ready late-June 2020

2020 CSA subscriptions are sold out - a big thank you to all our members who signed up!


A note on COVID-19:

Now more than ever, we see the role of local farms in improving food security in the Greater Vancouver area.. We are committed to growing healthy veggies this season, and will continue to offer CSA subscriptions.


All CSA veggie boxes will be pre-packed at the farm in reusable Rubbermaid totes that are sanitized each week before harvest. We will still have you bring your own bags to take your veggies home but will ask you to bag them yourselves. Regardless of which location you chose to pick up from, be it from the farm or from the farmers' market, there will be someone there to guide you through the pickup process. We will take all necessary precautions, including maintaining physical distancing, wearing gloves and face masks, and frequent sanitizing of surfaces.

For more information, please visit the BC Association of Farmers' Markets: https://bcfarmersmarket.org/bcafm-covid19/

What’s a CSA?

Simply put, “community-supported agriculture” allows the consumer (that’s you!) to connect directly with the farmer (that’s us!) and subscribe to a weekly harvest box of organic vegetables. Each harvest box will contain a variety of fresh veggies that are carefully selected and allow for eating in-season. Once you’ve tried a vine-ripened tomato or the crispest head of lettuce, you’ll be hard pressed to purchase your produce from the grocery store during the growing season.

Is a First Generation Organics CSA the right fit for you?

CSA members will receive a harvest box each week for 16 weeks, from late-June to mid-October. A harvest box will include 6-8 portions of vegetables.  A “portion” would be similar to how veggies are usually sold at market.  So, depending on what’s ready for harvest that week, a box might include a bunch of carrots (roughly 8 per bunch), a head of lettuce, a bunch of radishes, a pound of tomatoes, 1.5 pounds of beans, a pound of zucchini, and a bunch of green onions.  A full list of what we are growing this year is available on our website.

All about sharing

Our CSA subscription is a commitment between us (First Generation Organics) and our members - we are in it together for the 2020 growing season.

  • Cost: Upfront income allows the farm to confidently purchase inputs during the early season.

  • Risk: Farming can have unforeseen challenges (e.g. crop failure) but can also have an abundance of produce.

  • Local, In-Season Food: We will experience the freshest, most flavourful, and nutritious vegetables at peak ripeness, and encourage each other to eat in-season with recipes and cooking tips.

  • A Relationship: You get to know your farmers, while us farmers get to know who we are growing for. You are helping to develop a new generation of farmers!

Crops we plan to grow in 2020

  • Check out our Crops page for 2020 produce offerings.

  • Savour the experience of be eating in-season. This means certain crops have specific windows of availability and cannot be offered throughout the entire season... but trust us when we say the cherry tomatoes are worth the wait!

  • Due to the nature of farming, there is always the risk of crop failure. If we experience a crop failure, we will do our best to fill that week’s harvest box with other veggies to make up for it. If we have an especially good harvest of a particular item, we will pass that abundance along to you. This may mean you will have to freeze or preserve some of those veggies for later eating, but that’s what it’s all about!

Picking-up your Weekly Harvest Box

  • Pick-up will be available:

    • Saturdays, 8am-4pm at the Tsawwassen Farm School (TFS) 

      • Located at 4990 28 Avenue, Delta, BC 

    • Saturdays, 10am-3pm at the Fort Langley Village Farmer's Market

      • Located at St. Andrew’s Historic Church, 9025 Glover Road, Fort Langley, BC

  • BYOB. We encourage all members to bring reusable grocery bags, coolers or cooler bags to the farm or farmer's market when picking up your veggies.

  • Plan to be away? Please arrange for someone else to pick up your box. It is your responsibility to let your substitute know where, when, and how to pick up the harvest box.

    • If no one can pick up your box, please let us know by 4:30pm Thursday before pickup. We will arrange to donate your box so no food is wasted. There will not be a refund for a box not picked up.


Communication is key to ensuring everyone is happy and satisfied.

  • We will send out a weekly newsletter on Wednesday evenings to let you know what veggies to expect each week, some recipes to help you meal plan and an update of farm activities! 

  • If you have any questions, please email us at firstgenerationorganics@gmail.com and we will respond within 24 hours.

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